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2 September 2021

Welcome to the Berkner High School JROTC Program



1. It is with a deep sense of pride and a genuine concern for each and every individual student that the Military Instructors, working with the Superintendent of Schools and the Principal of Berkner High School, welcome the young men and women of our city to the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC).

2. The JROTC program, like academic courses in English, history, or mathematics, offers the student credit toward a high school diploma. JROTC Cadets receive instruction in a variety of worthwhile subjects not always available in other aspects of the school curriculum;  subjects that have application in all walks of life. Cadets have the challenge and accompanying satisfaction of assuming responsibility early in their formative years. During the first year, Cadets learn basic military procedures and are introduced to the principles of leadership and followership. During succeeding years, Cadets begin to assume leadership roles and teach these procedures to younger students. They plan, organize, and direct unit training, make decisions on personnel, and assume command responsibilities. Young people training in the business sector often must wait years to gain these experiences and to exercise this type of authority.

3. Enrollment in the Junior ROTC program does not obligate a student for any future military service. However, successful completion of the program may entitle the student to a higher rank and pay grade when enlisting, advanced placement in a Senior ROTC program for Cadets who qualify. The focus, however, is not on the service or college, but on the student's citizenship and leadership while in high school.

4. The Military Instructors are unbending in their conviction to citizenship, scholarship, and leadership. We believe that each and every individual is important to themselves, their families, their school, community, state, and nation. Such is the prime focus of the Berkner High School Junior ROTC Program. We wish each of you a highly successful school year.


Major, United States Army Retired

JROTC Senior Army Instructor

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